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Four Percent is a professional affiliate coaching program rated 5 stars on Trustpilot for both beginners and advanced business owners who want to build or scale their thriving affiliate marketing businesses step by step.

Four Percent is a coaching program with multiple courses for new and experienced entrepreneurs who want to take their skills and game to the next level. Whether you want to master traffic, list building, communication, affiliate marketing, e-commerce, or anything else that matters to you, you’ll most likely find a worthwhile course on that topic with a step-by-step guide because they are committed to bringing you the most powerful training courses so you can successfully scale your business.

You will need a device with an Internet connection (laptop, phone, tablet) to access the program and you can try it out from anywhere in the world.

They don’t require you to purchase any specific brand of software and it’s not required that you use the same tools they use. Many of the tools they teach in their training are available for free too. They can recommend the tools they use in their business and offer discounts where available. 

 Four Percent is focused on helping you take action and see results as quickly as possible. They offer Lifetime Access+ Special Perks and Bonuses. You’ll have access to all the courses, Facebook community, 24/7 support & digital training for as long as you want. Most of their successful students who are committed to building a solid $150,000+/yr business join the Gold lifetime membership

Yes! Immediately after enrolling, you’ll get access to the entire program and the bonus materials. And, they add new masterclasses and live events each month.

They upload the latest replays right to your membership portal. So, you can watch it whenever you want. But don’t worry! When you become a member, not only do you get access to the new replays but also all the old ones!

Investments often shape serious actions. When you invest in your business and pay money for it, you are much more likely to take it seriously, to step up and put in the work to see results. When you invest in something that will help get you to where you want to be, it’s time to take your commitment and enjoyment of your business seriously. Four Percent is here to match and exceed your energy levels, give you the tools for success and show you the way.

Whether you are starting as a beginner or pro, Four Percent covers the important information to help your business and you as an entrepreneur. They create productivity systems, tools, and services so your business can succeed as well as your mental well-being. After taking this program you will be an entrepreneur with full knowledge, the know-how, and confidence to market your business.

It is impossible to know for sure when a sale will happen, along with guaranteeing the exact dollar value your business will generate but Four Percent guarantees that after taking their course, you will be equipped and educated with a tremendous amount of information and new skills that you will be able to implement into your business. Additionally, the program has so much confidence and so many great reviews that it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.  It is unusual for members to request their money back, which shows our confidence in this program. But, it is crucial to understand that success takes dedication and care so take the steps necessary to create your own success story with Four Percent Today

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