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Weebly is another popular blogging sites, perfect for bloggers who want to create a blog that has content and all the tools readily available.


CMS Hub is the leading blogging sites, designed for both developers and marketers who would like to build a blog that leverages CRM integrations.


WordPress is an open-source, self-hosted blogging sites. The platform enables publishers and other businesses to create powerful blogs.


Squarespace is an ideal blogging sites for businesses and individuals that helps content creators create compelling blogs and websites.


 Wix is a popular blogging sites for beginners who are looking for hosting and blogging tools in one place and prioritize design over functionality.

Craft CMS

Craft CMS is a blogging sites with unique tools for designers, developers, and web professionals.

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Got Questions?

Businesses create blogs mainly to increase their presence online, connect with potential customers, promote their brand through positive conversations, and generate long-term revenue.

Creating a great blog starts with choosing the correct platform to do so. It is also crucial to be able to put yourself in the shoes of your audience by understanding what is on their minds. What questions they might need answers for and what they are struggling with, so you can get ideas and be more creative with your blog posts.

No! our blogging sites available on our site make it possible for you to start being a blogger today without any coding skills or tech experience. It is very simple to publish content online these days.

No! you can start blogging today without needing to spend any money at all. Whether you decide to do podcasting or video blogging, you do not need any more equipment than the technology you already use inside your smartphone. Blogging only requires serious investment in creativity, research, and time to work.

Creating articles do not require any rule on how many words your blog article should have. As you may have seen before some successful articles had 100 words and others had 10,000 words. Your number one rule to create a successful article should be about creating something that represents your circumstances, creating style, favorite topics, and blogging sites you feel the most comfortable with. Try things out with our variety of top blogging sites.

Starting a blog and making enough money so people can quit their 9-5 jobs can be the ultimate dream for many. I believe that having realistic expectations from the start can be the best way to go about it. It has been impossible for many people to achieve that dream, but it is also true that many bloggers have generated high revenues with their blogs. Find out more on how to make money by Blogging. 

People start blogs for a variety of reasons, such as sharing their creativity and earning money. With today’s new blogging tools, building an online community has never been easier.

There are 6 basic steps to take:

  • Step1 Decide what to blog about
  • Step2 Pick a name
  • Step3 Choose a blogging sites
  • Step4 Set up hosting
  • Step5 Design your blog
  • Step6 Start blogging

Before finding the right niche, think about the main thing that your blog is intended to do, from its URL and domain name to what its content and design are like. “What does your blog serve? Then follow three simple steps for choosing the perfect blog niche:

  • Step 1 Narrow down your interests
  • Step2 Research your audience
  • Step3 Check if it’s profitable

It is first important to understand that your target audience may turn out entirely different from what you might think. So, you need to understand your potential readers before you start looking for them. Try to find out where your niche readers hanging out and what they’re discussing. Helpful tools such as Quora, Discussion forums, and Google search can be useful.

Adding an attractive blog logo to your site is an additional way to add personality to your site and it is a necessary step to take if you want to start a blog that evolves into a familiar brand.

Find the most valuable topic for your blog by thinking about what experiences you have with your niche, what successes or failings they led to, or any discoveries you made along the way. Realize that there is almost always room for exploration within certain topics, so give yourself ideas.

Adding images can strengthen readers’ general impression of your article. No matter what type of image you choose photographs, screenshots, or illustrations should be functional as well as beautiful. Make sure it communicates important details and highlights important examples in the post.