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Our top-ranked community software will help you build an international community that can talk about your business for free for just a 60-day free trial.

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Socio is the top leading platform to build relationships with their members and engage in a two-way street. 

Mighty Networks


Mighty Networks is the top performer platform that offers creators and entrepreneurs a community.



Disciple is the leading platform to help brands and creators to build independent, valuable, and trusted communities.



Hivebrite is a top all-in-one community management platform.



Zapnito is a community platform dedicated to promoting conversation.



Tribe is a top performer platform that helps businesses connect to their customers.

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Got Questions?

Community software is a tool also known as social software, collaboration software, or groupware that helps businesses build and manage virtual spaces to connect individuals with shared interests, goals, or activities.

Community software is a huge benefit for businesses, both in the short term and long term. This software can offer many benefits such as increased customer experience and brand visibility, bringing direct customer feedback into business decision-making, more efficient marketing opportunities, and improved customer engagement features like gamification, contests, survey, and more.

First, select the community software from our leading list here, then upload and share your content from one place. Choose or customize your content library to suit your community’s needs. Design your message structure to be divided into multiple layouts. You can use folders, groups, and lists to organize different pieces of content. When using these layouts make sure that clear messages are used so it can be much more effective.

Before purchasing a community software, make sure your system can integrate with other systems so you can easily track the details of all the members of your community. Ensure your community management software has enough capacity to handle the expected growth of your community. Additionally, pick a well-developed platform that aligns with your brand and provides a reason to use it often. This can help build trust in the community you are sharing your content on as well as progress in achieving your goals.

There are not 100% tools that provide you with all the features you need. Our software that helps you build your community allows you to do just about everything and make it easy for people to find out about anything happening in your community and engage with each other.

Niches communities provide an effective way to build communities of like-minded individuals. Niche communities offer a level of quality and trust that delivers value to those involved in conversations. They can attract significant value and satisfaction for their users, while also providing a new and enthusiastic audience for companies to engage with.

Community Software prices vary depending on the level of service. Most of the products in this market are priced on a month-to-month basis, with prices ranging from $20 up to anything above.

Our online community software platforms provide a Free trial so you don’t’ have to worry about losing your money if you’re not satisfied.