Discover The 6 Dos and Don’ts You Must Know Before Choosing a WordPress Theme If You Don’t Want Your Website To Be Worthless!

Publication: HostGator
January 2023

The hardest thing when setting up a new WordPress site or giving it a makeover is deciding what to do with your URL. Some people say that choosing a good domain name is the most challenging part, while others say that finding the right WordPress hosting is the hardest.
However, choosing the right theme could be difficult and time-consuming, but it’s best to choose a specific theme right away rather than some general ones so, find our dos and don’ts for picking a WordPress theme.

1: If you choose a theme, DO make sure it supports the latest version of WordPress
WordPress is a popular and powerful CMS platform, but it does have limitations. It is important to make sure that the WordPress theme you choose will work with the most recent version of WordPress, otherwise, you run the risk of experiencing problematic features and updating issues.

2: DO consider a theme that suits your site goals
It’s easy to say that you want a theme that has all the necessary features in addition to some lively options, but at the end of the day, you may feel like the point is lost by choosing an option with some features while ignoring those that are more important.

3: DO choose a WordPress theme that works well on phones
Mobile-friendly themes look better on all devices but not every theme looks equally good on a phone. How can you tell? Going to the theme’s homepage and clicking the live demo should reveal whether or not it’s mobile-friendly.

4: DO choose a theme that has good user reviews
Search for the themes that have positive reviews and are getting the most buzz with your audience on WordPress.org. You can read more reviews to find out what people like about each theme.

5: DON’T choose a theme from an unknown source
When looking for themes, make sure the source is reputable. All the themes listed on wordpress.org are trustworthy. To avoid problems downloading a potentially harmful theme, it’s best to stick to these reliable sources of themes on wordpress.org and also check reviews.

6: DO choose a theme with good search engine optimization
Ensuring you have an SEO-friendly theme can save you a lot of time on behind-the-scenes site optimization, and it can help you do better in search results right away.

This article was written to help you narrow down the process of selecting a WordPress theme. What’s great about WordPress is if you do decide to change themes, then down the road, you’ll have the flexibility to do so. Start your new project and join WordPress here.