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Earn More Writing

Earn More Writing is the perfect course for anyone interested in joining the content world. Topics such as writing a blog or social posts are covered along with worksheets to help you practice your skills.


Creative Freelancing Freedom

Creative Freelancing Freedom is a course to teach you how to make it as a freelancer and outside your 9-5. This course makes you feel as if you are a writer, which is a great place for developing the foundations that are needed to make it.


Writers Online Workshops

Blogging has evolved into a complicated and sometimes overwhelming world. Writers Online Workshops teach you the foundations of building one from scratch with a strong emphasis on the marketing aspect. You can skip all the common beginner blogger mistakes and get straight to business.


Create and Go

Create and Go has been created by two of the most successful bloggers in the space with some great reviews over the years. They teach students how to grow their blog, monetize it and make it fun.


Services Related to Writing

The number 1 insight for researching what your target audience is looking for when they search online


Got Questions?

By joining a blogging course, students practice analytical thinking, expand learning to a higher level and become more aware of the simple and intuitive path to blogging success. Before their thoughts can be written down, students need to learn how to analyze the subject and then clarify their thoughts about the subject.

Our programs cover everything from beginner’s strategies to expert advice. The programs teach for passive income streams with digital products, affiliate marketing, and more. There are multiple levels for bloggers of all experience levels, so everyone can learn something new. They include live coaching and mentoring, group support, networking, and self-paced digital education.

Creating a great blog starts with choosing the correct platform to do so. Many writers think about starting but never actually invest. Instead, think of these courses as an investment in yourself and your business. By landing one or two clients, you can easily pay off the course price tag and learn a skill to make money for life.

When it comes to choosing your blog niche or topic, the most important thing is to consider what you are knowledgeable about. What can you teach somebody in your field of experience? What do you have well-developed knowledge in? What topics do you enjoy learning more about? Have you been through any problems in your life that others might benefit from hearing from someone who’s been through similar problems themselves?

Blogging doesn’t require much investment! It’s just a matter of deciding what you want to post about and investing your time in it. Or, join our Freelance Writing Academy and invest money in learning the best ways to improve your writing skills and turn them into passive income.

Our courses teach you how to build a great life for yourself. Blogging can be the ultimate dream for many and can provide you with the financial freedom that you deserve.

Our freelance writing platforms provide a 100% money-back guarantee or free trial so if you don’t find the type of course that you want, you are not losing your money.

You will need a device with an internet connection (laptop, phone, tablet) to access the program. You can try it out from any location in the world.