Funnel Optimization: Warning! You Must Know Those 7 Proven Strategies Before Optimizing Your Store

Publication: CartFlows
December 2022

In creating your online store, it’s important to think about different customer journeys. Watch as an online shopper goes through the process of adding a product to their cart and pays for it with ease. That’s an optimistic case scenario that online store owners would likely love to have. But in reality, it also turns out that 80% of the leads don’t convert into sales so if you want to increase your sales, optimizing your sales funnel is a crucial step. Every sale funnel has gaps where potential customers could drop out to minimize cart abandonment and lost sales. If you don’t sell products on your site, you could more easily convert visitors instead. We’ve listed a few strategies that can help with sales and/or conversion. They’re not the only ones, but they’re a good start if you’re not sure what can work best for your business.

1: Create content that attracts visitors

More than ever, businesses need to be able to create content that attracts prospects. Regardless of where your customer comes from in the sales funnel, high-quality content always helps.

2: Create your High-Quality Lead Magnets

There are many different ways you can use a lead magnet. Lead magnets can be anything from webinars, eBooks, workbooks, trial software, case studies, a theme, plugin, and other incentives.

3: Use targeted and high-quality traffic to win more customers and conversions.

Another way to get high-quality leads is by ensuring your content and ads are targeted to the right audience. The most effective ways are through search engine optimization and good content. Check out how easy it is to find leads with our lead-searching engine tools here.

4: Optimize your landing pages

The key to converting leads into paying customers is optimizing your landing page so they stay on.
Here are a few points:

⦁ Choose the best variation of your headline
⦁ Be upfront with your offer so that prospects can easily see what you have to offer
⦁ Keep your landing page simple
⦁ Urgency and fear motivate people to buy your products so add a countdown timer if needed
⦁ Add user testimonials and authentic social proof

5: Optimize your checkout pages

The average risk of cart abandonment is 70% across all industries and higher for mobile users. The number one reason for cart abandonment is people not wanting to create an account and the second is extra costs. Common checkout optimization tactics involve creating a sense of urgency, avoiding additional costs, adding multiple payment options, and simplifying the checkout process.

6: Using upsells increases the sales, pre-check out offers grow a business

Experiment with sales funnels to find what works best for you and your business. Adding bumps, up-selling, and down-selling work well too. When customers purchase from you, consider following them up with welcome emails and a drip email marketing campaign. You could slip in a discount voucher too to entice your customers into making repeated purchases. Find the best email marketing tools here.

7: A/B Split Testing

The technicalities can be overwhelming, but all you need to do is get started. You can try various versions of your design for your sales funnel, landing page, or checkout page, see their performance and keep tweaking them until you’ve reached the best conversion rates. This can be overwhelming so we made things simple. Just remember that a funnel or landing page that works successfully for a specific product or service may not necessarily work for another. Testing different versions of your sales funnel and landing page is the key to getting that perfect one for your business.