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Earning Through has partnered with LoveEnergySavings.com so you can compare Home Energy Prices From around the market and save on your next energy bill.

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Important: This comparison service is provided by LoveEnergySavings.com Ltd. This company is not a lender, but a finance broker and they compare home energy services from different providers, aiming to find one that best suits your home needs. LoveEnergySavings.com is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under registration number Z3162259.

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Got Questions?

Home energy is similar to business and commercial energy in many ways. It powers many kinds of properties and buildings, from small houses to large ones. The gas and electric utilities provided may come from the same source, and in some cases from the same supplier, but they are treated differently. The most significant difference is that you typically need separate contracts for each utility. This can make it easy to organize your bills because you will have a contract that covers a set period rather than having to keep renewing your contract every month.

The energy market was once only dominated by the ‘big six’ companies: British Gas, Npower, Scottish Power, EDF, E-On, and SSE. But nowadays there are more independent suppliers so customers can get discounts on their gas and electricity. Love Energy Savings work with dozens of energy suppliers to make sure that you get the best deal every time.

Finding the cheapest energy prices depends on various factors, including your location and what you are currently paying for gas and electricity. The best way to find the cheapest energy price is to compare suppliers. Love Energy Savings can give you access to a huge range of deals from many different suppliers including the ‘Big Six’ and independent providers so that you can choose the right deal for your needs and your budget.

To get a home energy quote, provide the provider with your postcode and the total amount of energy used in the specified period. They will then be able to provide you with an estimate based on your usage, along with prices from other energy providers–so make sure to compare them all if you’re leaving it up to a broker. The Government offers funding discounts for certain homes to help you save more money on your energy bills. You can search for energy bill discounts at Gov.UK.

What many energy customers in the UK fail to realize, is the amount of freedom they have now that they can switch gas and electricity suppliers. Nowadays, you are free to choose your best power company, because more than 200 million people are already on their feet. The Love Energy Savings comparison engine allows you to compare domestic gas and electric companies in order to get what’s best for you and make a bigger difference for your expenses as well – spend this money on your kids, car, home, or even just yourself!

There are various ways to reduce your energy usage that don’t include having to find a new energy supplier. Love Energy Savings provide helpful guides and advice on how you can cut down and do your part for the environment.

The switching process will depend on when your contract date with your current provider ends. At Love Energy Savings, they take care of all the details, including negotiations between suppliers. They keep you updated throughout the process, and you can also keep an eye on the progress via their online tool.

Yes, you can! Love Energy Savings works with brands that use 100% renewable sources of energy and the prices are incredibly competitive. You can check out their full suppliers’ list to see what works best for you here.