How to Be a Hero and Create Effective Marketing Funnels That Convert Visitors into Leads and Then Customers?

Publication: EarningThrough
January 2023

Starting a relationship is important to increase your credibility and provide the person with free value. Sales funnels make it easy for you to start a conversation offer the customers value and build a rapport with them to engage them further on your site.

1: What is a sales funnel?

A sales funnel is a process that people go through in which they first hear about your business and become a paying customer, as well as becoming a repeat customer.

2: Here are the various steps involved in a sales funnel process:

⦁ Top of the Funnel – Target Audience. You grab the attention of a person who belongs to your target audience.

⦁ Middle of the Funnel – Potential Customers. You get them interested in your product.

⦁ Bottom of the Funnel – Existing Customers. You persuade them to buy your product.
Russell Brunson, Co-founder of ClickFunnels, has developed the company from zero to $100M+
in annual revenue by actually utilizing a sales funnel. He also explained The Value Ladder and its
five stages.

3: Here are the four stages of The Value Ladder sales funnel:

⦁ Bait. You give customers the great opportunity of being a part of your mailing list/email list in return for them giving you their email address

⦁ Frontend. You are showing potential customers what your least expensive item is and highlighting how profitable it looks

⦁ Middle. You offer the customer a more expensive and more valuable product that they want to buy

⦁ Backend. You offer the customer the most expensive and most valuable product which they want to buy

4: The reason why the Value Ladder sales funnel is so successful is that it allows you to:

⦁ Provide a free trial of your valued services or product to gain trust, then continue the relationship by offering added value upfront

⦁ Use the power of email to continue to provide value to your potential customers

⦁ Build trust by giving our clients progressively more benefits Additionally, you might have a subscription product that generates recurring revenue, meaning comes back every month, year after year. Watch the video here, or start generating more leads, make more sales and increase your revenue by joining CLICKFUNNELS.