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Professional indemnity insurance can cover you if you make a mistake that causes your client’s business to suffer financial loss as a result of your negligence.

In some cases, there can be legal proceedings, such as:

  1. Intellectual Property- Unintentionally infringing on copyrights and trademarks
  2. Negligence- Failure to do your job and be liable for the loss of client money
  3. Dishonesty- Having responsibility for the theft of a customer’s money or private information, data, and documents

If a customer is deceived by the information they receive, or if the service is unsatisfactory in some way, they may make a claim. This could be especially likely if a customer feels that they have lost money because of information given to them.

In this situation, an individual may require legal assistance to be able to defend themselves. If the claim is found to be false, there may still be legal fees to cover. If the claim is granted, there will be a bill for legal costs as well as compensation for any damages or mistakes that were made from the error. All of this could potentially add up to thousands of pounds a person could have to pay if they have no professional indemnity insurance cover.

If someone is a professional providing some kind of service or advice, they might want to get this type of policy. There are consultants of all sorts in a wide variety of businesses and they offer their services in marketing, recruitment and more. Accounting is one area where many consultants offer their services because it’s a business that people often need help with. The margin for errors is considerable and thus it needs an adequate cover to avoid a significant claim.

With the suing culture in today’s society, businesses are at risk of being sued for services that they give. When you work with clients, it may be a good idea to have financial support and policies tailored to your particular profession. EarningThrough teamed up with Quotezone to provide a simple and convenient way to find professional indemnity insurance. We are confident we can provide the policy that is right for you, so why not check out our comparison of professional indemnity insurance policies today by clicking here.