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Our celebrity engagement platforms help you connect with thousands of celebrities to create memorable moments for family or customers.

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An influencer is a person who influences a specific industry and can endorse a business’s products or services to his/her followers through online presence generally on social media.

Some influencers in your target market may already be engaging with them. You can engage with these people by partnering with influencers in your niche, thereby reaching the same people they reach regularly. Why build your community when these influencers have already done it for you. Investing in collaboration may be a better use of your finances and time.

In the current internet climate, Instagram and Tik Tok rule. However, it is good a thing to have a reach using all platforms. Choose from our Influencer Platforms to have access to all the social media platforms for your audience or your campaign.

It is vital to choose an influencer with friendliness, creativity, and strong authority to run your campaign. Your influencer must have a good reputation that can influence his/her audience so your brand can be trusted and grow with time. Creativity is also another aspect that brands should be looking at before choosing an influencer to target their audience because they need someone who has an eye for marketing.  Additionally, influencers with expertise in their fields can make their audience trust them and their opinions even more.

Our Influencer Platforms have some post tracking and statistics available for all campaigns so you can find out exactly which influencer brings the most ROI, and do not waste your budget.

To understand if a brand is a good match to run a campaign for, influencers must enjoy the brand and what they offer. It is even better to do some research about the business and find out if most of their audience makes up your followers.

Usually, Influencers receive free products, discounts, or some type of commission for their work.

The process of reaching out to influencers for your campaign may be difficult, but our influencer platforms make the process easy. We ask you to be specific about your campaign so our platforms can provide a successful selection. This allows you to showcase your brand when engaging with influencers in a way that would be beneficial for both parties. Once our list of key influencers has been targeted you will then communicate directly with the influencer to organize the various aspects of the project.


Our influencer platforms work with influencers who have a presence across a range of platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, TikTok, and more.


There is a huge number of influencers across any sector thinkable due to the rapid growth of social media marketing, and brands can find their type of influencer. There is an expert in every field and their fields have developed a following of people due to their trusted voice and knowledge.


In the past, it was difficult for brands to measure the ROI of influencer campaigns. Today, brands can get the data they need on how influencers perform thanks to our influencer platforms’ analytics

Unfortunately, there are no safe ways to identify fake influencers. There are tools that our platforms will provide you with the engagement rate of an account, but when it comes to working with an influencer for the first time, one of the biggest pieces of advice I would give is to ask for examples of past work. People can fake likes, comments, and followers but they can’t fake the time and effort that goes into an influencer campaign.

Our rates vary depending on different influencer platform decisions, type of campaign, and a custom-made end-to-end campaign management service.

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