Legal Resources for business owners

On this page, you will find all the legal documents needed to start and maintain your business. These documents can help ease the burden of costly attorneys and make your company run smoother.

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Affiliate Team Contract

If you run an affiliate program, make sure you have your team sign their contracts before they start promoting your products

The Contract Shop

Access all of the legal contracts your coaching business needs in this collection

The Contract Shop

Business Foundation Bundle

Access all of the contracts your company needs with a suite of already-written legal documents.

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LLC Operating Contract

Access all the necessary Operating Agreement Contract Template so you can start your business without paying expensive lawyers.

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Brand Collaboration Contract

A tool that sets clear expectations of your relationship with other brands. It sets timelines, revision guidelines, and what exactly the company can or cannot do with the materials you create.

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Independent Contractor Contract

To protect yourself as a client or as someone who is hiring a freelancer, you will need this template to be legal and compliant.

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Our legal platform makes it easier for people to complete legal services by reducing the complexity and making them more affordable.