Shocking Things You Must Learn If You Want to Face Your Fear as a Freelance Writer

Publication: Contena
Jan 2023

Fear is an interesting emotion; it has been highlighted in science as a physical reaction to a perceived threat. There are not nearly as many fun feelings in life as fear, but it can be helpful. The fear sometimes comes up, it’s not necessary and not a warning of imminent danger but it can feel that way. When this happens, fear can hinder us in life. On some occasions, fear can come up. It’s not useful and it’s not a warning of imminent danger, though it can feel that way. When this happens, fear can hold us back. This can happen in any number of ways in life:

⦁ Fear of public speaking will probably cause you to present information poorly

⦁ Fear of flying cancels many of the trips you’d like to take

⦁ Fears of spiders narrow your field of view, making you feel vulnerable

⦁ Fear of being a freelance writer because you’re scared your work will not be seen

1: Why Would You Be Scared to Be a Freelance Writer?

All freelancers have different approaches and personalities, but some of the common fears are:

⦁ Sharing your words publicly: You entrust people with your words, and then others can provide feedback. It’s a bit scary when you share it with the world, and it can make you uncomfortable or scared

⦁ The risk of not making enough money is a big one. It takes time and can be scary to consider not making enough money as a writer

⦁ Fear of failure is a natural human reaction, especially for a writer. It can be about our lack of trust in ourselves and the lack of belief in our abilities

⦁ You feel caught between producing high-quality work and not being able to come up with ideas. This fear of failure stops you from trying

⦁ Being afraid of losing your main sources of income. If you’re lucky enough to find consistent work, or anchor clients, then you might develop the fear of losing those clients 

Fears are common. You’re not alone – we have all sorts of fears here. Dealing with those fears is common in all types of freelance writing experiences. You can always push through them even if it’s just a little and still get started or continue. It doesn’t have to be easy, but many people out there are successful in facing their fears and being prosperous as freelancers.

2: 4 Tips on Handling Fear as a Writer

1. Stay motivated with the fear of failing: Be motivated when you have fear. You are afraid of your work not being good enough? Use the fear that you feel. Remember that you likely have a message that people will want to hear. Monitor what you’re writing, so that if anyone is saying anything negative, you can use that feedback to make some changes.

2. Don’t limit your thinking: I feel fear. It happens in both our bodies and our minds. We have thoughts that create physical reactions like a fast heartbeat and low breathing. If we can address the scary thoughts, then chances are, we will physically feel better, and not have as many scary thoughts. Whenever you notice negative or scary thoughts, replace them with positive ones.

3. Pay attention to what is economically logical: When we think too fast and carelessly, an emotional reaction can happen that makes our thoughts feel big. We can fix this by learning to slow down.

4. Share some quality time: There are many ways to deal with fear when you’re feeling stressed. Self-care can be the best way to start with. Spending time outside, at the gym, or out with friends or family is an excellent way to release stress and heal from fear.

Remember that fear is normal and you can manage it, plus you can be afraid and still go through with it. It’s normal to have fear and still move forward, doing the things that scare you. The more you work through and push through these fears, the less scary they’ll feel. It will become easier to deal with your fears as a writer over time; don’t let them hold you back, and encourage yourself in the direction of starting your own freelance writing business and joining Contena here.