Publication: LoveEnergySavings
September 2022

We have seen the news about energy price increases, but have you heard about the challenges employers are facing? We created this top business energy-saving tips guide to help you increase energy efficiency and save money.
Below, we outline 12 ways you can save energy in your business and reduce overhead. We recommend choosing energy that offers a great tariff and investing in smart power-saving devices, as they can help you get more control over your use of energy and reduce some of the costs.

1. Dress in a way that suits the temperature
Winter is the time of year when you should be wearing sweaters to work because it makes it possible for you to lower the heating in your office. You should also wear thinner clothes during summer and open a window or two. These easy changes can reduce your energy use and lower your bills, as well as your business’s carbon footprint.

2. Install office Thermostats
If you don’t currently have thermostats installed, this could reduce your gas and electricity bill and lower your carbon footprint by 280kg. Find the best-rated Thermostats here.

3. Reduce wasted electricity
Turning off the power to appliances rather than leaving it in standby mode is more beneficial for the environment, as well as your energy bill. It can save up to £30 million annually across the UK on business energy bills.

4. Sealing cracks in working space
To save money on gas bills, it’s important to seal any holes or cracks in door and window frames. This helps to keep the warm air inside during the winter, but also the cold air out during the summer. It will help maintain a comfortable temperature inside your building, too.

5. Pieces of Advice from servicing radiators
Don’t place desks or furniture in front of radiators. Doing so can cause a lot of heat to be absorbed and make the radiators less efficient at heating your room or office, which might require you to rearrange some items.

6. keep your office warm this winter
A simple way of saving energy is to put a sheet of foil behind your radiator. Heating your office will reduce the amount of heat that escapes, making your radiator more efficient as less heat is lost through the walls.

7. Make sure doors are closed
Heating rooms only when they are in use will save energy. This way, the warmth stays focused on the rooms you want to be heated, rather than wasted elsewhere. In addition, if you have a meeting room that heats up before you meet, turn off the heating until shortly before everyone arrives to save energy.

8. Insulating your Business to protect it from energy loss
Insulating your office can save a lot of energy as well as money. It saves you £145* each year and also helps to reduce your carbon emissions.

9. LED Lights Save Energy
New energy-efficient light bulbs are a cost-effective way to help save the environment. They decrease your environmental footprint and can save you money by using less energy. Touch but LEDs last for 50,000 hours, you can save money longer and also help reduce emissions through increased efficiency.

10. Lower your thermostat
Turning your thermostat down a few degrees can help you save energy and money. In an office, lowering the temperature by one degree can allow you to save £55* annually and reduce CO2 emissions by 230 kgs.

11. Using current-day energy-efficient appliances for your business
Old appliances have a big impact on bills- it may be more cost-efficient to replace them with new models, starting with the fridge, dishwasher, boiler, and microwave. Energy labels identify how efficient each model is.

12. Contemplate switching your business utilities
The UK is currently seeing many businesses switching business energy suppliers to offset future price increases. You can now switch all these business essential services under one roof with Love Energy Savings. EarningThrough has partnered with this innovative comparison engine to help you save money. These products cover your needs as a business owner and an individual so click here to find out more.