WARNING! Be Aware of The Essential Skills all Employees Need Today! 

Publication: Udemy
January 2023

Nearly nine in 10 (88%) executives say their company is experiencing higher turnover than usual. This reflects the growing acceptance of a new paradigm on work/life happiness by workers and greater freedom. Leaders are losing the team members that power companies simultaneously with their decisions and skills. They need to balance this knowledge gap by creating always-on learning channels for their staff. This is a win-win for both employers and employees. Leaders can’t afford to lose the team members powering their companies’ financial decisions, marketing strategy, product design, and customer experience. They can take measures to try to retain talent by offering always-on learning channels. Your company will keep the needle steady on talent retention and employees develop a career path within your organization.
Everyone enters the workforce with skills that are important in the workplace. Just like employees have different job titles, so do their responsibilities. Every employee should be encouraged to develop tactical skills that will help them excel. Business intelligence skills are essential for all teams to succeed, whether it is marketing or HR. You can explore these trending tactical business topics and take time to analyze which ones make sense for your employees who want to enhance their learning plans.

1: Business Intelligence

As the amount of data in business has increased, there’s a growing need for employees to understand data literacy and this is an area that many companies are struggling with. Only 21% of employees have confidence in their data skills. Organizations should invest in business intelligence software for employees and train them on the best ways to leverage these tools. Organizations that grow their employees’ data literacy have seen the consumption of courses related to Tableau and data visualization software increase in the last year. Employers can use Tableau certification to make sure employees have the knowledge required for their position. By getting certified, employees earn greater career opportunities.

2: The five business intelligence skills projected to be most in-demand in 2022 are:

⦁ Excel analytics
⦁ Tableau Desktop Specialist certification
⦁ Tableau Desktop Certified Associate certification
⦁ Business Analytics
⦁ Statistics

3: Design & UX

There are a few things to keep in mind when designing your website, app, or product. If your brand’s design does not have a cohesive visual story or your product’s user experience isn’t intuitive, the most skilled tech and marketing teams in the world can’t help you retain customers; even experienced designers can be stymied by unknown barriers such as information management.
The job market for 5 growing design skills in 2022 are:
⦁ Graphic design
⦁ Product design
⦁ Adobe Premiere
⦁ Web design
⦁ Mobile app design

4: Finance & Accounting

Your company’s IPO might have not only important implications for your company, but it may also impact the world in many other ways. Don’t forget to keep up with what’s happening with cryptocurrency. From 2020 to 2021, personal finance topics like cryptocurrency and Solidity saw significant growth on Udemy Business.
The top 5 emerging skills for the global accounting industry are:
⦁ Cryptocurrency
⦁ Algorithmic trading
⦁ Day trading
⦁ Bookkeeping
⦁ Solidity

5: HR & Talent development

HR functions today are charged with supporting every aspect of a company’s greatest asset: its employees. Business management skills like manager training and performance management show up consistently on the Udemy Marketplace, according to a new survey.
The top 5 growing HR & talent development skills for 2022 are:
⦁ Online course creation
⦁ Human resources
⦁ Manager training
⦁ Instructional design
⦁ Employee performance management

6: Marketing

Many topics within digital marketing have been trending through Udemy Business for years now. This is a good overview of the challenges and opportunities digital marketing brings to brands. As consumers understand how to better manage their digital data footprint, marketing teams are making smarter decisions and using customer behavior as a means to create a more personal experience for the consumer. Learn more about our leading digital marketing tools here.
The 5 growing marketing skills to watch in 2022 are:
⦁ Marketing Analytics
⦁ Marketing strategy
⦁ Content marketing
⦁ Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ)
⦁ Facebook ads

7: Project management

Project management is a skill in high demand because the complexity and challenges of working remotely have made it hard to keep up with changes in the workplace. People’s interest in efficiency-boosting tactics like Scrum and Agile has grown rapidly over many years. Project management skills are important across many different industries. This is why employees need to be aware of these kinds of skills in their daily work.
The top 5 growing project management skills for 2022 are:
⦁ PSPO (Professional Scrum Product Owner) certification
⦁ PSM (Professional Scrum Master) certification
⦁ Quality management
⦁ PMI (Project Management Institute) certification
⦁ PMP (Project Management Professional) certification

8: Sales and Customer service

Sales and customer success teams quickly evolved in the last year to provide remote relationships that became a big part of customer success management. This shift provided breathing room for employees not used to in-person conversations to develop skills that help them understand their customers more. Persuasion and negotiation are vital skills that help to influence another person to buy a product. These skills are always in demand, and they need regular refinement.
The highest 5 growing sales and customer experience skills for 2022 are:
⦁ Persuasion
⦁ Negotiation
⦁ B2B sales
⦁ Customer success management
⦁ Sales skills
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