Publication: Ahrefs
August 2022

Times in public relations have changed. Today, it is important to project a positive image through digital PR campaigns and quotes from key online publications. People rely on the internet for their daily news and find it helpful when companies show themselves to be creative.

With digital PR as an integral part of your SEO strategy, you can optimize your site for readers and help generate relevant blog content.

1: Get an overview of what digital PR is

Digital Public Relations is the practice of promoting a brand in digital spaces, like websites and blogs. When done properly, this tactic promotes brands by using traditional PR methods in digital environments. Digital PR means staying ahead of the curve to make your brand unmissable. Digital PR is an essential marketing strategy – it can help promote content and stories, and present data in a favorable way. It can be used to fulfill personal goals as well as business goals, especially when combined with a person’s own marketing strategy.

2: Why should digital PR be a priority?

With PR, you can increase traffic and sales as well as promote your brand on social media. Digital PR has a number of benefits that include, but are not limited to, increasing awareness among customers and boosting organic traffic. PR is often confused with SEO, but they are animals of their own. Working on PR can be more important than search engine optimization when it comes to high rankings for your business. Digital PR has a long-term effect because it improves the credibility of a brand through high-quality backlinks, enabling content to rank for keywords. You need digital PR as a marketing strategy regardless of the size of your business.

3: What are the main goals of digital public relations?

If you’ve recently started a digital PR campaign, you might be asking yourself why you should invest your time and money in these PR strategies. Well, there are many reasons people decide to get involved with digital PR:

-Boost your brand
-Awareness-building efforts
-SEO strategies to build brand
-Higher Ranking

4: The ways to get more brand exposure

Brands rely on public relations to maintain coverage in both digital and traditional media. Ads endorsed by highly authoritative versions are the best advertisements for your company. Your brand and those behind it are experts in the field. Creating instant trust with your audience and customers.

5: Building awareness efforts

Create an online presence and let your target audience know who you are and what you are about to establish a positive impression. New startups should use the internet and social media to reach their audience. Doing something in a newsworthy way is the best thing you can do to leave a lasting impression.

6: SEO strategies to build brand

Public relations and SEO are both used to build your brand, with the secondary benefits of SEO being undeniable.

Links are important, but more importantly, so is the number of links pointing to your site. The goal is to produce links that are both relevant and get clicks. A blog should use strategically-placed, unique links for its benefit. A webpage will rank higher in Google search results when pages have many backlinks. Backlinks are a strong and positive correlation to the amount of traffic a webpage receives from Google searches. If you want to be considered an expert in your given niche, being quoted on high-authority sites will put you there. To find out more about the best search engine optimization tools, click here.

7: What are the biggest benefits of digital PR?

Increase your sales and gain more leads

Achieving the goals of getting more qualified leads and sales is always on everyone’s targeted KPIs, no matter what other goals they may have. Digital PR gets your brand in front of the right people and promotes qualified leads to your customers. You can coordinate a campaign so that it targets the industry influencer, bloggers, and companies who would be interested in your brand.

8: Gain authority with links from top-tier publications

Digital PR is one of the best ways to link build because you get links to highly authoritative websites. People can benefit from the magnitude of links they have acquired in reputable publications like Forbes, The New York Times, The Telegraph, BuzzFeed, and many more. Links can truly improve your website’s authority in the eyes of search engines and make you more relevant to visitors.

9: Learn to build links that competitors will have a harder time replicating

With digital PR, it is a lot more difficult to contract links with traditional methods. These features are always completely unique. With online PR services, competitors aren’t the only ones who can do it. Return on investment with other outlets is not as predictable. With a competitor watching your profile, it’s not as easy to fit this strategy into your marketing efforts. You don’t want to be promoting the same content on the same website.

10: Gain trust as a leader in your field

A published affirmation of your credibility is invaluable. Promotional content cannot compare to an endorsement from an authoritative publication. Being presented as a leading authority in your field builds instant trust with potential customers by improving the perception of your expertise.

11: Learn why links drive traffic to your website

Links acquired by traditional link-building methods are to develop trust signals from authoritative, niche-relevant sites. This will help search engines understand the content on your site and tell them that you’re an authority in that niche. Link-building is an important strategy for digital PR. These links are used to direct users to relevant content about the business (such as a blog post).

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