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In simple terms, a website is a fast and easy way to communicate certain information between a buyer and a seller. Through your website, you can provide important information such as your business opening hours, contact information,business locations, images,or evena description of your products offers. A website can also facilitate inquiries from potential customers or help obtain feedback from existing ones.

Nowadays, having a presence online has become vital for the survival of a business. By building a website, a business can establish its credibility, its brand visibility, and recognition. Having a website is certainly an incredible way for any business to reach a wider audience and provide accessibility 24/7.

To allow a user to access your website, you need to host your website on a server and register a domain. Then a user can simply type your domain into the browser, which transmits a request to your server. Then the server will allow access to its HTML code and translate it into a webpage that the user can interact with.

A domain is a website’s home address and helps users to find your business online quickly. For example, Amazon’s domain is https://www.amazon.com

No! you don’t need to be a programmer to build a website. You can use our website builders if you’re running a small business or trying to get a website off the ground.

It depends on a lot of factors when it comes to website design. From the type of web, where your content will come from, and what functionality you need.On average, a website for a small business would take around a month to 6 weeks to build.

A responsive website is a website that makes it easy for people to use no matter what device they’re on. For example, if someone visits the site on their laptop but then views the site on their mobile, there should be equally good experiences and not the same experience.

Web hosting provides a web server with storage space and Internet access. You usually “rent” the storage space by paying a monthly fee. Check out our top web hosting platforms for more info.

Secure websites are protected with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. When you access a website with HTTPS:// you can be sure that your personal information won’t fall into the hands of hackers.